End Gang Life – Myths & Realities Video Modules

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) released a series of six gang prevention and education videos today that shine a new light on gangs, gang violence, and the effects that those have on families.

Thumbnails-mythvsrealtyIn development for close to a year in collaboration with Odd Squad Productions, known for emotional documentaries like Through A Blue Lens, this series of six videos will add to the growing gang prevention components within the CFSEU-BC’s End Gang Life gang prevention and education campaign. Each video runs between 7 and 10 minutes long and features interviews with parents who have lost children to gang-related murders, police officers who have spent years investigating gangs and gang-related murders, and former gang members who give rare insight into the world of gangs and gang violence.

The videos provide a unique thought-provoking look into many of the main myths surrounding gangs and expose the truths and perils of gangs, all with the aim of promoting community conversations about gangs, their effects on communities, and to prevent and deter youth and young adults from entering gang life.

Thumbnails-mythvsrealty“I strongly encourage parents and young people to view CFSEU-BC’s latest series of powerful End Gang Life videos,” said Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton. “Hearing former gang members dispel the myths of gang life in their own words provides a compelling warning to those who may be at risk – and the statements of parents who lost their children in gang-related homicides remind us that any young person, regardless of their background or gender, can be vulnerable to gang influences.”

“These videos mark a significant milestone for gang prevention and education in British Columbia,” said Chief Superintendent Kevin Hackett, Chief Officer of the CFSEU-BC. “Gangs and gang violence tears families and communities apart but all too often, despite the warnings and violence, we hear of young people getting involved in gangs. It is critical that we hear from those directly involved or affected by the ravages of gangs and dispel the many myths if we are going to end gang life in our province.”

Thumbnails-mythvsrealty“Engaging people on the topic of gang violence and the realities of gang life is incredibly important work,” said Abbotsford Police Department Chief Constable Bob Rich, who appears in the video series. “We must do everything we can to help young people make positive choices and educate them about the actual consequences of negative ones. This project means young people can hear the truth about gang life.”

The videos can be found by visiting www.endganglife.ca. A DVD of the videos can be requested by contacting Ms. Geeta Reddy at Geeta.Reddy@cfseu.bc.ca.

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