Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team (JIGIT)

Maintaining the Integrity of Public Gaming in British Columbia

Dedicated, Integrated, & Coordinated Multi-Jurisdictional Investigative Enforcement Response to Illegal Gaming in B.C

Illegal gaming provides an attractive and lucrative source of income for organized groups to advance their criminal exploits, including violent offences. By targeting this criminal element and not allowing it to flourish via illegal gaming activities.

The creation of the JIGIT enables the CFSEU-BC to enhance public safety though the sharing of intelligence with relevant stakeholders as well as to continue building collaborative relationships and forming crime reduction strategies.

Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team (JIGIT)

Growing Sophistication and Diversity of Organized Crime

In order to ensure that what was created was both an effective and efficient investigative unit to combat illegal gaming activities, the CFSEU-BC’s illegal gaming investigation teams will collaborate with GPEB to ensure effective communication to enhance the synergy between units while developing strategies.   JIGIT will gather intelligence concerning the gaming industry and manage this information effectively to ensure that all facets of the gaming industry operate with honesty and integrity.  The aim is to prevent criminal attempts to legalize the proceeds of crime through gaming facilities, while at the same time be a central repository of information and intelligence on illegal gaming activity in the province.

The mandate of the Joint Illegal Gaming Investigative Teams are to provide a quality, dedicated, integrated, and coordinated multi-jurisdictional investigative and enforcement response to illegal gaming in B.C. with an emphasis on top-tier organized crime and gangs, specifically those who, through their behaviour, cause the greatest risk to public safety in the province. This mandate will maintain the integrity of public gaming in the province by enhancing a level of enforcement, disruption, and prevention by specifically targeting high-level crime groups.

Of note, the CFSEU-BC has an existing agreement in place with the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to proactively ban Provincial Tactical Enforcement Priority (PTEP) individuals who frequent gaming facilities, such as casinos, and who are considered “undesirable” under the Gaming Control Act.

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