Senior United Nations gang members plead guilty to drug conspiracy charges

File: E-PINTLE Update

Daryl-Johnson-ArrestTwo United Nations gang members have pleaded guilty to drug charges following an undercover investigation by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC).

Douglas Edward VANALSTINE, 52, formerly of Kelowna and Daryl Robert JOHNSON, 33, of Abbotsford pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic cocaine in B.C. Supreme Court today.

Douglas-VanalstineVanalstine was considered a co-founder of the gang along with Clay Roueche, the former UN gang leader currently in jail in the United States on drug charges. Roueche was arrested in the U.S. in May 2008. The UN gang was at one time engaged in significant international drug trafficking activities that had a direct impact on the safety of British Columbians.

As a response to the growing gang violence in British Columbia throughout 2008 and 2009, CFSEU-BC aggressively targeted gang members believed to be responsible for the violence. In February 2009, Project E-PINTLE was initiated as part of an extensive undercover investigation that targeted the drug trafficking activities and resulting violence of both the BACON Group and the UN Gang.

“Our commitment to the citizens of British Columbia is to ensure their safety by placing those people responsible for gang and organized crime violence behind bars,” says CFSEU-BC’s Chief Officer Dan Malo. “Our enforcement efforts over the past few years have significantly impacted the ability of this organized crime group and others to conduct their criminal business. We would also like to acknowledge the tremendous effort put forward by Crown Counsel during this investigation.”

During the course of CFSEU’s investigation, Vanalstine and Johnson met with a police agent on a number of occasions to facilitate the purchase of 100 kg of “Mexican” cocaine. The pair provided a $100,000 down payment and took delivery of 100 kg of placebo cocaine. Vanalstine and Johnson were arrested in November 2009.

Jarrod BACON, 29 and Wayne SCOTT, 56 were also arrested during E-PINTLE. The pair was found guilty last February of conspiracy to traffick in cocaine. BACON received 12 years in prison, while Scott’s sentencing is pending.

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